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Birth & Death Certificate Application
***This application must be NOTARIZED to be accepted***

Call 325-776-2401 for assistance

It is recommended that you pay $8.00 extra for priority mail
so you can track your birth certificate,
 as we are not responsible for the post office losing or misplacing the mail.

Birth Certificates are $23.00 each at the time of the request we must have a 
copy of your drivers license or photo id. 

Death Certificates are $21.00 for the first copy and then $4.00 for extra copies
at the same time, we must have a copy of your drivers license or photo id
at the time of the request. 

If you can attach your photo ID this application can be faxed or emailed to us 
then you can pay online by 
clicking here, use your last name as the Invoice number, then call 325-776-2401 to advise you have paid or email the confirmation # to chad.love@fishercounty.org

CLICK HERE for a list of Acceptable forms of ID we can accept for a Birth Certificate

Fisher County Birth Certificate Fees 

     Birth Certificate LGC 118.015(A)(3110)                    $20.20
 Birth Certificate LGC 118.015(B)(8610)                      $1.80
 Pres VS H&SC 191.0045(7811)                                     $1.00
     Total Charge for Birth Certificate                                $23.00

Fees Effective January 1, 2019

Contact us:
Fisher County Clerk
PO BOX 368
Roby TX 79543
325-776-2401 / 325-776-3274 fax

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