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Birth & Death Certificate Application
***This application must be NOTARIZED to be accepted***

Call 325-776-2401 for assistance

It is recommended that you pay $10.00 extra for priority mail
so you can track your birth certificate,
 as we are not responsible for the post office losing or misplacing the mail.

Birth Certificates are $23.00 each at the time of the request we must have a 
copy of your drivers license or photo id. 

Death Certificates are $21.00 for the first copy and then $4.00 for extra copies
at the same time, we must have a copy of your drivers license or photo id
at the time of the request. 


CLICK HERE for a list of Acceptable forms of ID we can accept for a Birth Certificate

Fisher County Birth Certificate Fees 

     Birth Certificate LGC 118.015(A)(3110)                    $20.20
 Birth Certificate LGC 118.015(B)(8610)                      $1.80
 Pres VS H&SC 191.0045(7811)                                     $1.00
     Total Charge for Birth Certificate                                $23.00

Fees Effective January 1, 2019

Contact us:
Fisher County Clerk
PO BOX 368
Roby TX 79543
325-776-2401 / 325-776-3274 fax

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