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County Treasurer

Jeanna Parks

Since October 20, 2018

Term Length: Four Years
Next Term: 2027-2030
Resident Requirement: Yes
Resident of Fisher County

Description of Office

•           Receives and deposits all county

•           Acts as chief liaison between the
            county and depository banks.

•           Prepares the payroll.

•           Disburses funds upon the order of the
            Commissioners Court.

•           Records receipts and expenditures and
            reconciles bank statements.

•           Designated as the county’s investment
            officer and required to submit regular
            reports on county finance to the
            members of the Commissioners Court.

•           County’s human resources officer,
            employee benefits coordinator, risk
            manager and insurance coordinator.

112 N. Concho
PO Box 126
Roby, TX 79543


Admin Assistant
Brandi Duniven