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Thomas Pohlman

Since March 14, 2024 (Appointed)

Term Length: The appointment to fill the vacancy continues until the next succeeding general election (November 5, 2024) and until a successor has been elected and has qualified for the office (Texas Election Code 202.002(b))
Next Term: 2025-2028
Resident Requirement: Yes
Resident of Fisher County

Description of Office

•           Serves as a licensed peace officer and
             is responsible for enforcing the
             criminal laws of the state.

•           Manages and operates the county jail.

•           Provides security for the courts.

•           Serves warrants and civil papers.

•           Regulates bail bondsmen in counties
            with no bail bond board.

PO Box 370
207 EN 1st.
Roby, TX 79543

Fax: 325-776-3269

Chief Deputy
Jarod Smith

Jail Administrator
Kevin Janis

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