Texas Counties Deliver

Early Voting and Election Day Polling Locations

Commissioner Precinct 1 Gordon Pippin Voting Box 1
Commissioner Precinct 2 Dexter Elrod Voting Box 12
Commissioner Precinct 3 Preston Martin Voting Box 10
Commissioner Precinct 4 Micah Evans Voting Box 4

Reminder~~Countywide Voting - Vote at any Precinct Location!!!

  • If you would like to work  the election, please e-mail the County Clerk for more information.

  • For all ELECTION Questions contact 
    County Clerk, Pat Thomson

    For all VOTER Registration Questions contact
    Voter Registrar Jonnye Speck


    County Chairs for Fisher County are
    Democratic Chair

    Republican Chair 
    Johnnie Howell - 325-514-1186